Carol Henderson

Administrative Assistant


Title: Administrative Assistant

Date Joined GTF Staff:   01/01/2004
Areas of Ministry:   Benevolence

Family:   Husband Mike,38 years, son Chris & wife Tara grand-daughter Emma, Daughter Stephanie grand-daughter Haylyn and son Daniel wife Rebecca.

Saved:   Tent Revival in 1977. Re-dedicated my life to Him in September of 1987.

One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating:   How people can see a new born baby or look at a beautiful mountain sunset and not believe in the amazing power of God.
Book:   The Bible
Food:    Mexican
Snack Food:    Popcorn
Movies:    The Notebook
TV Show:   HGTV
Musical Artists:    Guy Penrod, Mercy Me, Third Day, Chris Tomlin & The Gaither Vocal Band.
Actor:    Clint Eastwood & Tom Hanks
Actress:   Julia Roberts
Time of Day:   Mornings
Season:    Fall
Place in the World:   Mountains
Place to Pray:    Mornings on patio
Recreational Activities/Hobbies:   Bowling, walking & Bunco
Scripture:    The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10
Sports Team:    Texas Rangers
Sport:   Baseball
Food:   Seafood
Snack Food:   Chocolate Chip Cookies
Time of Day:   4:00am when i can’t sleep
Season:    Summer
Place in the World:   Dessert
Sports Team:   Dallas Cowboys
Life Motto:   Treat people with love and kindness. Always be ready to forgive!
Two People I’d Like to Meet:   Billy Graham and my Grandma Clark.
My Hero:   My Daddy
One of My Greatest Experiences with God:   When He healed me so i could have children.

Most People Don’t Know This About Me:   I am really a shy person. I am an identical twin.