Jami Pafford

Director of Children's Ministries/ Administrative Assistant/ WebMaster

Jami has been holding on to God and following Jesus since she was four years old. Having found Him at such a young age it is her desire to share His love with little ones today. She has 17 years experience in children’s ministry. Jami also has a heart for young parents, teen moms and mentoring young women.
Date Joined GTF Staff: September 2008

Areas of Ministry:    Children and Parents
Family:   Kurt (High School Sweetheart, married June 3, 1995) Kaleb (son), Charleigh (daughter), Joshua (son)
Saved:   by Jesus!  4yrs old in Children’s Church
Previous Line of Work:   Executive Director of Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Dumas, Stay at home Mommy for 11 years, XIT Secondary School Teen Parent Support.
One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating:   All God’s Children.  People are so cool!
Books:    Little Women, The Hiding Place, Outlive Your Life
Food:    Sushi! (Spicy Tuna Roll)
Snack Food:     Dairy Free, Slavery Free Dark Chocolate.  Candied Ginger
Movies:    Pride and Prejudice, Amazing Grace, StarTrek, Any Marvel Movie my husband takes me to 😉
TV Show:    This is Us, Parenthood, Survivor
Time of Day:    Sunrise, Sunset…oh, and lunch, I love lunch!
Season:    Spring
Place in the World:    Rocky Mountains
Place to Pray:  Wherever I am
Recreational Activities/Hobbies:    Photography, Reading
Scripture:    Proverbs 31:8
Sport:   Power Napping
Food:    Only the scary ones I’m allergic to:  Dairy, Wheat, Avocados, Nuts, Soy, Beef, Pork
Snack Food:    Anything that looks yummy but has something in it I can’t eat.
Time of Day:    3:37AM
Season:    Hot Dry Summer  ( I do like the concept of Summer Vacation thought…)
Place in the World:    Any place Hot
Life Motto:   Let Them Know They Are Loved.
People I’d like to meet:    My Great Grandchildren
My Heros:   Dietrich Bonhoeffer, William Wilberforce, Cory ten Boom
Most People Don’t Know This About Me:    I have an identical twin sister.  Kurt and I started “not dating” when I was 14yrs old. ( I wasn’t allowed till I was 16)