Jori Buchenau

Senior Pastor
Jori became part of our staff in 2004 as the Associate Pastor. The scope of his ministry at GTF has ranged from children’s ministry, small group ministry, preaching, and freedom ministries/. In December 2006 Pastor Jori was set in as GTF’s Senior Pastor. His passion to communicate the Word of God in creative and relevant ways has ministered to many. Jori is married to April and they have three children Sydney, McCoy, and Emory. His favorite pass times include spending time with his family, retreating to the mountains, playing golf, and fishing.

Date Joined GTF Staff: 9-1-04
Areas of Ministry: Pretty much everything except women’s ministry and worship
Family: April (Wife), Sydney (Daughter), McCoy (Son), Emory (Daughter)
Saved: September 1995
Education:  WTAMU – Christian Life School of Theology – Trinity Fellowship School of Ministry
Previous Line of Work:  Pest Control
One of the Things I Find Most Fascinating: Creation
Book:  Romans
Food:  Steak (Med Rare) with Asparagus
Snack Food:  Granola (especially my Mom’s)
Movies:  Anything with a meaningful message or explosives
TV Show:  Sports Center or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (with my son)
Musical Artists:  Jesus Culture or One thing
Actor:  Philip Seymour Hoffman or Tom Hanks
Actress:  Sandra Bullock
Time of Day:  7:00am
Season:  Spring
Place in the World:  The Mountains
Place to Pray:  The Mountains
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Golf; Fly Fishing
Scripture:  Romans 5:1
Sports Team:  Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers (Yeesh)
Sport: Golf
Food:  Anything with Curry (Barf)
Snack Food:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Double Barf)
Time of Day:  2:30am
Season:  Winter
Place in the World: Westgate Mall
Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Best Thing Someone Said to You: “I do”
Life Motto: Keep Moving Forward
Two People I’d Like to Meet: Two of the greatest leaders in the Bible:  Paul the Apostle and Moses (Jesus is already my closest friend.
My Hero: McCoy Buchenau
One of My Greatest Experiences with God:   Being set free from my past
Most People Don’t Know This About Me:  I occasionally drink out of the milk jug.  (Don’t tell April)